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Created 23-Dec-12
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Oktoberfest, 10/01/2011 Inside one of the beer tents. Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit - North East Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gray HatmenStrangers in the tent with the same hats.  Pop with a someone in the beer tent.  No idea who he was, no matter, everyone sharing a beer are friends.Apple Schnapps anyone?Two please!Ma and Pa"Fill it up", says my sister."so as we sang along to beer barrel polka"...the latest polka time gossipListening intently to a drunk man. I have no clue what I was asking nor talking about.  By her puzzled, no, perplexed look, neither did she.I thank her for her patience.  ;-)Apple schnapps, all for me?cheeseRather dapper  after nearly 3.5 liters of Spaten Oktoberfest.Oktoberfest CrawlNo idea who he is, but a fun character to meet and share a beer with.

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