Photographs are meant to be shared.

The same way a memorable song can put us back to a certain place or time a picture has the same ability to do just that. Whether it’s on a family vacation, in nature capturing that unbelievable sunset, or an everyday image that begs to be noticed, I hope to spark emotions through my photography. It could be a common feeling, a shared interpretation, or to just put a smile on your face.

I enjoy art, more specifically paintings and photography. While I can not paint, I can take a photograph. Photography is how I see the world; nearly everything can become a good photograph. Like a painting, the lighting and composition dictates a good image. This is the key thing that I have been working on in my photographic work.

My style tends to be bold, but it is ever changing as I try new techniques and methods. I hope you enjoy the work I submit.

Rob Nopola